- SOLD -

Duke is a left hand drive full frame off restoration D90 pickup like no other. 

For the restoration, the body was taken down into its individual panels and stripped for paint. Many paint jobs are done with the body all together and it is impossible to get full coverage on the panels this way. Therefore, we always strip the panels down which also gives an opportunity to renew the fasteners and body seals.

With the body off, our welder Konnie removed the few rough spots in the chassis and welded in fresh heavy steel. The chassis and axles were then stripped and coated with a heavy rust inhibitor. The body went on next. 

The original bulkheads tend to leak at the flap seals, so we took the opportunity to eliminate that possibility with a new puma bulkhead. We also fit new half doors rather than the full doors. The door tops easily remove with two bolts each, for a more open driving experience. You can also remove the roof and rear window surround for full convertible, open-air driving. 

We fit LED lights all around to update the safety aspect of driving at night. We had the existing rear light guards, roll bar and all diamond plating blasted and powder-coated to match. New front light guards were fit along with a new front bumper, grill, wheel arches and headlight surrounds.

The original engine, gearbox and transfer case were removed here stateside, and replaced with a 300tdi with an R380 gearbox and transfer case with gearing better suited for the big tires. The engine has been fully serviced with a new water pump, thermostat, filters, fluids and belts. During install we fit new silicone hoses all around and a new heater box to make cooling more efficient. To this end, we also fit an electric fan which saves a few horsepower while providing better than stock cooling. We also fit a new radiator. 

The side mounted snorkel has been sealed in tightly to ensure no leaks during wading. The original-style air intake duct which is known to leak has been replaced with a hybrid duct that we designed ourselves and will be for sale on its own soon. The duct connection is now a snugly fit hose with clamp rather than a hard plastic to hard plastic connection as was original. New intake hoses were fit and routed to a new air intake box. 

The suspension is absolutely next to none. We wish we could take full credit, but Simon at RTE Fabrication in New Jersey and Bill at Great Basin Rovers in Utah guided the journey. RTE supplied lengthened HD driveshafts, caster corrected front arms, extended rear arms, an A-arm extension and adjustable panhard rod to fit the lift. GBR supplied the Old Man Emu shocks & springs. We put it all together with Polybush orange bushings and stainless fittings from YRM. Most lifts are obtained with just 3" shocks and springs, which destroys drivability and makes steering a nightmare. Because of this, lifted trucks get a bad rap. Take a spin in this one and you'll see what money can buy if you do it the right way. 

The interior has been redone with Exmoor Trim seats, cubby box and carpet kit. We fit a MOMO steering wheel to make a bit more room for the driver. All switches including the ignition are new as well as the three main gauges and warning light panel. Door latches and catches are also new. 

Duke is for sale at a firm $45,000. Reach out here if you would like to get in the driver’s seat.