Dr. No

- SOLD - 


We tailored the design of Dr. No to both the vintage class of that first James Bond film, as well as a nod to Bond’s silver Aston Martin. Because of this, we went with the classic look/feel of the interior and the Indus Silver color for nostalgia. 

For the restoration, the body was stripped down to its individual panels. All 5 doors were replaced for new along with a Puma hood and the rear side and back panels of the tub. The bulkhead was replaced as well, and for sound-deadening has been raptor-coated below the paint line. The panels that were kept from the original body were stripped down to bare metal, then primed painted and clear coated. All of our builds are done in this way to ensure full coverage of the panels. We've lifted the carpet on USA built $250k Defenders only to find old paint underneath - be sure to research your builder!

The original chassis was replaced with a galvanized Marsland chassis, giving the vehicle a stronger, more reinforced frame. The front and rear arms, front and rear anti-sway bars and A-arms were all blasted and powder-coated, whereas the axles were blasted and painted. The suspension was put back together with Polybush orange, polyurethane bushings and stainless steel fittings from YRM. With the new frame bare, we fit the 18" Diamond Cut Sawtooth Wheels and 33" BF Goodrich K02 tires. We replaced the rear drum brakes with discs, such that there are now disc brakes all around. 

The body was put back together with all new body seals and stainless steel fittings. KBX grills were fit on the fender tops and side intake. Everything on the exterior is new - mirrors, windscreen brackets, door hinges, front bumper, grill, headlight surrounds and wheel arches. Black on black fire and ice side steps were added as well. Rear sliding windows from Masai 4x4 were added and the front windscreen replaced. The etching of the original registration number remains on windows that haven't been replaced over the years, so we kept those in place for nostalgia. The vehicle will also come with its original license plate to match. 

The original 200tdi engine was pulled and inspected. The engine itself was in great condition but the head needed a rebuild. The head was fully rebuilt locally at Scroggins Machine - the most reputable automotive machine shop here in Houston. While we were at it, the injectors were rebuilt and a more efficient, variable geometry turbo from Allisport was added. We replaced the water pump, fuel pump, hoses, thermostat, belts and filters. We also added an electric cooling fan, new radiator and oversized Allisport intercooler. The engine was painted as well - all steel components black and aluminum components were painted silver. The LT77 gearbox and LT230 transfer case were swapped out for remanufactured units.

The interior has been redone in black and grey to match the exterior with Exmoor Trim black carpet and Masai 4x4 black headliner. The seats and cubby box are all new from Exmoor Trim with a black and grey cloth that matches the rest. We renewed rather than replaced the original grey interior trim panels as they are now obsolete, making them more rare as time goes on. We omitted some carpet panels to keep the shine of the Indus Silver showing in various places as it adds to the look. 

The original clock is still running well, so we decided to keep it going. All other switches and gauges have been replaced. An air conditioning kit from Rovers North was also added. Interior, overhead lights were fit to the headliner as well and gauge console lighting was updated with LEDs. The windshield wiper motor and all gadgetry was also replaced. 

All door cards are new from Exmoor Trim. Door latches, catches and stays are new as well. Inside and out, we replaced almost everything possible while renewing anything special that would be lost to time. We decided on a strategy at the outset and kept to it every step of the way. We've retained the British right hand drive side for just that reason. By far this vehicle was built for a lover of the past - we'd like to say a Renaissance Man. If you are interested in our special build, we'd love for you to reach out. 

Dr. No is for sale at a firm $90,000.